Short Biography

My name is Sofia Antonopoulou and I am from Greece. My hometown is located in the countryside, near the sea and close to the mountains, but I’d lived all my life - until now! - in Athens, the capital city.

View of Athens, Greece

After graduating from high school, I studied “Geology & Environmental Science” in National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA) and I chose the field of “Geophysics and Engineering Geology” as my specialization. During my Bachelor studies, I successfully completed my thesis, entitled “The opaline silica – rich sedimentary rocks of Milos Island, Greece, and their behavior as pozzolanas in the manufacture of cement”. I had also participated in university’s fieldwork activities, as well as in the internship program for students, and I was occupied in Institute of Geology & Mineral Exploration, Division of Engineering Geology, and in TITAN S.A./ Cement Company, Laboratory of Research and Quality Department.

Following my BSc degree in 2010, I enrolled in the postgraduate course program "Materials Science & Engineering" of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). In 2012, I got my MSc degree, after submitting my thesis, entitled “A comprehensive study on the utilization of geopolymers as concrete repair materials”.

Immediately after my graduation, I wanted to gain professional experience, so I worked in different sectors - as geotechnical engineer in private sector (Blue Solar Energy Ltd & NaviMe Ltd) and as research associate in three scientific projects in UoA & NTUA ("Hydrogeological conditions research and water resources management of Vardousia Area, Municipality of Dorida", “ForOpenForests – Conservation of priority forests and forest openings in Ethnikos Drymos Oitis and Oros Kallidromo of Sterea Ellada”, “Use of clayey rocks - bentonite tuffs, clayey diatomite – in construction industry”).

In addition, I was member of the Organizing Committee on the International Conference “Coastal Landscapes, Mining Activities and Preservation of Cultural Heritage” & the Training School "Geological Setting, Mineral Resources and Ancient Works of Samos and adjacent islands of the Aegean Sea”, both held in Greece. I also have one journal and four conferences publications in the field of Building Materials & GeoMaterials Technology.

To sum up, my research interests can be placed in the fields of Materials science & engineering; Environmental science, geophysics & engineering geology; GeoMaterials technology; Building materials; Reliability of reinforced concrete structures; Composite materials. 

Currently, I am working as an Early Stage Researcher on “Reliability of concrete structures reinforced with braided FRP” at University College Dublin in Ireland under TRUSS project since September 2015.

If you are looking for more details regarding my background and professional experience, you are invited to visit my LinkedIn Profile page!