About the Blog

This is the blog of Early Stage Researcher 1 - Sofia Antonopoulou -, provided by TRUSS, and aims to inspire interest on project’s research topics, to highlight the direct impact of this research on the day-to-day lives of people, and, most significantly, to motivate students to pursue a research career in engineering. 
This blog is maintained by ESR 1, along with TRUSS, and it is going to regularly inform the public of her current activities within the project in a simple and easy-going language.

From my perspective, my first blog as a researcher sounds like a challenge. It’s always easier to use technical language to describe your research’s outputs, but when it comes to explain the same things in simple and clear terms in order for everyone to be able to follow up, you have to decide what are the key points of your research, describe how your work will contribute to society and try to distance yourself from the project, as it’s the first time you deal with it.

Summarising, my blog includes a variety of information regarding my research project and the progress of my work. In addition, a summary of my academic and professional background, training events and meetings within the project, my publications and conferences attendance, as well as my future plans for further development, are all noted in detail.